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We are a non-profit organization that provides a safe home where cancer patients and their families can receive valuable education, recovery tools, and the steps to reenter their lives.

Until now, most cancer patients, cancer survivors and their families (including teens & children) have had little to no access to licensed clinical psychologists or professionals to openly discuss and express how they feel and regain control over their lives.

In 2000 a dream came true. The Center for Cancer Counseling was developed as a safe and comfortable place where all cancer patients and their families learn to cope with their feelings surrounding the  diagnosis, treatment and side effects of cancer. Working in partnership with you and your family, we provide exceptional, compassionate, professional and nurturing care, empowering you to deal with your emotions and take control of the things we can – our thoughts emotions and reactions. Our mission is to help cancer patients and their family members maintain a quality of life that is productive, fulfilling, rewarding, successful and happy.

How We Change Lives

The first step is always the hardest. Patients often say “ I can’t believe how much better I feel being able to say all of the things that I have been afraid to say to anyone, to hear that my feelings are normal, and to have some tools to take home with me.”

Common reactions of sadness, guilt and shame can be overwhelming. Feeling responsible for the cancer, as if we somehow caused it by things we did or didn’t do.


We can help you manage overwhelming fears and concerns by providing a safe place to express them, identify your needs and goal, and problem solve ways to find relief.


Talking openly and honestly with your family and physicians can feel like the hardest thing to do, but is the most satisfying when its accomplished.

6 Stages of Cancer

The Center for Cancer Counseling offers specialized support and tools & techniques to help at each of these stages. MORE
  • Diagnosis

    During our individual one on one session we are able to talk openly about our deepest worries and concerns.
  • Treatment

    Develop tools and strategies to deal with our “real lives” in the midst of the physical and emotional challenge.
  • Post Treatment

    We understand how this recovery looks and can help you set realistic goals and communication with your families and friends.
  • Continued Treatment

    At the Center we help us and our family members accomplish these goals with the focus on being able to live productive rewarding lives.
  • End of Life

    The Center can help guide us through this phase and help you accomplish the best quality of life for as long as possible.
  • After the Loss

    The Center can help you manage this process in ways that allow us to go forward with our lives feeling more in control and enable you to help the rest of your family.

Why choose us

The relief, even from one session at the Center, is always surprising, extremely satisfying and refreshing.

The co-founder and clinical leader of the Center for Cancer Counseling.


Dr. Perez is a USC-trained clinical psychologist, and for over 20 years has conducted National Cancer Institute-funded research.


is a compassionate Licensed Psychotherapist in Orange County since 1997.


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