Individual counseling offers patients one-on-one time with one of our counselors. It is an opportunity to express all of the thoughts, fears and concerns that may be difficult to talk about with family and friends.

The intent is to focus in on your worries, put your most important needs first, and find an approach to dealing with the situation to manage overwhelming fears and concerns. The sessions enable you to learn the tools necessary to navigate through this time and continue to participate in life to your fullest ability. Some people find that even one session helps them feel relief and energizes them.


  • Consumed and overwhelmed dealing with cancer
  • Irritable and easily frustrated
  • Afraid, scared and anxious
  • Feeling like life is out of control
  • Struggling with facing and managing treatments and side effects both physically and emotionally
  • Feeling sadness and crying easily
  • Having a difficult time concentrating or remembering things
  • Having trouble sleeping
  • Dealing about grief and terminal cancer
  • Feeling isolated, alone and unable to talk about feelings
  • Wanting a place to gather your thoughts and gain coping skills and tools