Make a Difference

Cancer touches everyone. We all want the best quality of life for cancer patients and their families and caregivers, and we can help, with YOUR help. 

Fran’s Place – Center for Cancer Counseling provides professional counseling services in English and Spanish AT NO CHARGE to cancer patients and their families (including partners, children, parents and caregivers). Many of our licensed clinicians have personal experience with cancer.

How You Can Help

Cancer patients, and their families and loved ones, who receive high quality professional counseling have greatly improved lives and outcomes. We help them cope with the emotional, psychological, physical, life-style, social and vocational challenges that come with a cancer diagnosis.

Your generous support in donations, participating in our events and fundraisers, helping us spread the word, help us to make a difference in the lives of our clients.

Fran’s Place Center for Cancer Counseling is a nonprofit 501(c)3. 

Tax ID: 33-0877271. Donations are tax deductible. All donor information is kept confidential. Your donation directly funds professional therapy, provided at no-charge for cancer patients and their families who have a need.