In 2000 a dream came true. Fran’s Place – Center for Cancer Counseling was developed as a safe and comfortable place where all cancer patients and their families receive valuable support, education and the tools to cope with the feelings surrounding the diagnosis, treatment and side effects of cancer.

Working in partnership with you and your family, we provide exceptional, compassionate, professional and nurturing care, empowering you to deal with your emotions and take control of the things you can.

Our mission is to help cancer patients and their family members achieve and maintain a quality of life that is productive, fulfilling, rewarding, successful and happy.

For us at the Center, knowledge is power. Understanding how our bodies are changing, how the treatments affect all parts of our lives, including our relationships, functioning levels at work, home and elsewhere, frees us to organize our lives around what is possible for us to do successfully and happily. The Center also helps family members understand what we are going through and what are realistic expectations of us during this time period, and assists them in expressing their feelings, concerns and worries.

The Challenge

When cancer patients receive a diagnosis, the medical options kick into high gear. Meanwhile, most cancer patients and their families don’t address the strong emotions and substantial changes to their lives.

Our Solution

We help people cope. Cancer counseling includes services for children, teens, young adults, individuals, couples, families and caregivers. Learn about our approach and how we help.

Where We Work

We work in communities in Southern California, providing services in English and Spanish, and via telehealth across all of California.