Letter from Fran on Fundraising Needs


Nov 2023


Hello to all of our FABULOUS supporters,

As a small nonprofit we are very proud of our ability to provide services to cancer patients and their family members for over 23 years due to your loyalty, kindness, and participation in our mission. As you all know, we are a volunteer board and our therapists work at significantly reduced rates so that we can help as many cancer patients as we can. 

Since 2020, our patient referrals have doubled and we are not raising enough money to cover patient needs. We’ve had to be creative; raising money with Walks, Raffles, Grants, and this year, participating in the county-wide “Imagining Mental Wellness” Giving Day, with 17 other nonprofits. But, we still need to do more.

Demand for our services is much higher than ever.  We get referrals from many more sources, and the move to telehealth (which became common during the pandemic), enables us to serve clients across all of California.

Fran’s Place provides a unique service.  We are the only nonprofit in CA that provides licensed, professional therapists, who are knowledgeable and experienced in dealing with cancer, to patients in need, and, at no-charge.

We don’t want to turn patients away, and we don’t want to create a waiting list, when the distress of a cancer diagnosis is always immediate, and so hard on the patient and their loved ones.

The bottom line is that in order to continue providing the level of care for which we are known, and the quantity of care that the cancer patient community needs, we need to raise over $100,000 per year – one-third more than we raise now.

There are several ways that you can help:

  • Please participate in as many of our fundraisers as you are able.
  • Spread the word!  Please forward our newsletters, raffle events, etc., to your friends and family that you feel would support our cause.  Adding supporters helps a great deal!
  • Help us find corporate and private large donors.  Might your employer donate?  Do you know a larger nonprofit or grant provider that assists smaller nonprofits like us?

Thanks for listening. Please buy a few raffle tickets if you can, and we love you for continuing to support Fran’s Place.

Best wishes always.  Enjoy the rest of summer!

Fran Baumgarten

The Raffle:

Grand Prize and Second Prize in our Fall Raffle – Drawing is Tuesday, 9/12/2023

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