Welcome Silver Sponsor Morris Psychological


Dec 2021


We welcome our new Silver Sponsor, Morris Psychological, Inc. 

Based in Pasadena, Lydia Morris, Ph.D., told us why she supports Fran’s Place:

“I believe that counseling can be life-changing. There is something extraordinary about being heard, supported, and encouraged by someone who understands what we are going through. It gives hope, strength, and meaning during the darkest of times. Fran’s Place provides crucial counseling support to cancer patients and their families free of charge and without red tape. It is my honor to support Fran’s Place and help ensure that their important work will continue.”    

Here’s how Dr. Morris describes her philosophy and clinical practice:

Life has a way of challenging everything we know to be true and sometimes our very sense of identity. We can lose our confidence and direction as we navigate the new challenges of each season of life. Within the disorientation and disillusionment of finding our way, there is great opportunity for growth, healing, and peace. I work with my clients to capitalize on this opportunity, bringing a warm, practical, and authentic presence.

I specialize in aging-related issues such as life transitions, chronic pain or medical illness, caregiving, and bereavement. I also work with clients healing from long-term effects of trauma including unstable relationships, difficulty with boundary setting, codependency, and substance abuse. I am certified in Interpersonal Therapy and Seeking Safety.

Dr. Morris can be reached by email and phone on THIS PAGE LINK.

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