Two Decades of Service


Aug 2021


We recently celebrated our 20th Anniversary of providing exceptional psychological services for cancer patients, their families and caregivers.

What makes the difference for our clients? The compassionate, professional and nurturing care given by our licensed professional therapists.

Services are offered in both English and Spanish, FREE of charge, and for as long as the client needs them. Our therapists see clients in our offices, their home, the hospital, and through telehealth. Cancer is an individual experience – we offer personalized individual counseling. Because cancer affects the whole family, we help the spouse, significant other, children and caregivers. Everyone needs to be healthy to provide support and get a positive outcome.

Having cancer is like living in two worlds. The cancer world, and the rest of your life. Most of us know, have known, or will know, someone touched by the disease. There is no simple solution for the cancer patient. It is more than just diagnosis, treatment and then recovery or loss. The psychology of cancer has been shown to have a tremendous impact on the patient’s treatment and health outcomes. We address this aspect of the disease, since the side effects of cancer can persist long after the treatments are completed. 

Our licensed therapists assist patients/clients with the organization of their life by setting realistic expectations, developing coping skills and developing strategies for living during the many stages cancer can manifest. When needed, we also assist with end-of-life loss and grief processing.