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Cancer can present a distressing  financial strain on families when income decreases or stops and medical costs soar, Your generous donations affords us the opportunity to provide at low or no cost : individual, couples, family, play and grief therapies, home and hospital visits, which  help cancer patients and their family members deal with the emotional, psychological, physical, life style, relationship, social, vocational, educational and financial challenges that accompany cancer.

The services we provide make a significant difference in the quality of life for these patients and their families. Donating at any level is greatly appreciated, every dollar collected makes a difference.  If you can afford to become a Circle of Hope Contributor, a Donation of $250 is greatly appreciated. If you’d like to become a sponsor for our fundraiser please contact Frances Baumgarten, 949-474-4337.

Sponsors are recognized at our events and on our web page.