How We Change Lives

The first step is always the hardest. That is what everyone says. The relief, even from one session at the Center, is always surprising, extremely satisfying and refreshing. A typical response is “I can’t believe how much better I feel being able to say all the things that I have been afraid to say to anyone, to hear that my feelings are normal, and to have some tools to take home with me”.

Until now, most cancer patients, cancer survivors and their families have had little to no access to licensed clinical psychologists or professionals to openly discuss and express how they feel and regain control over their lives. Working in partnership with you and your family, we provide exceptional, compassionate, professional and nurturing care to help you and your family:


Express your thoughts and feelings without guilt or shame

Common reactions of sadness, guilt and shame can be overwhelming. Feeling responsible for the cancer, as if we somehow caused it by things we did or didn’t do.

Patients find comfort and relief in being about to talk openly and honestly about these thoughts and  about cancer’s  impact on their life.  In addition to learning that these feelings and thoughts are normal and that there are ways to process and manage them.


Manage overwhelming fears and concerns

We can help you manage overwhelming fears and concerns by providing a safe place to express them, identify your needs and goal, and problem solve ways to find relief.

A diagnosis of cancer and the treatments impact every aspect of life,  emotional, psychological, physical, lifestyle, relationships, vocational, educational, social and financial. And there are very real fears and concerns that accompany all of these areas. We help you understand these impacts, tackle and problem solve how to manage each of them at the different stages of the disease.  In addition we can help you develop cognitive behavioral tools that can help you stay calm so that you can think clearly, follow through on your daily activities with the most amount of energy, productivity and contentment.


Talk to one another openly

Talking openly and honestly with your family and physicians can feel like the hardest thing to do, but is the most satisfying when its accomplished.

We help you and your family have these conversations, helping everyone feeling more connected and less isolated from each other. In this process everyone’s needs can be identified and as a family you can come up with ways to accomplish fulfilling them, or identify what else or who else you need to help out.

We help you organize your thoughts and questions for your physician so that your appointments are productive.  It’s not uncommon to leave medical appointments realizing you never asked those important questions, and now have to wait weeks before you have the opportunity.  We help you try to avoid this stress.

We empower you to deal with your emotions and take control of the things we can—our thoughts, emotions and reactions. We are living in a world where the cancer dictates how we feel on any given day, what we can do, and how you spend our time, so it feels good to be able to take control of something.

For us at the Center, knowledge is power. Understanding how our bodies are changing, how the treatments affect all parts of our lives, including your relationships, functioning levels at work, home and elsewhere, frees us to organize our lives around what is possible for us to do successfully and happily. The Center also helps family members understand what we are going through and what are realistic expectations of us during this time period, and assist them in expressing their feelings, concerns and worries.