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Fran Baumgarten Dr. Frances Baumgarten President - The co-founder and clinical leader of the Center for Cancer Counseling. A two-time survivor of cancer, her passion to help cancer patients and their families manage and survive cancer, along with her personal experience with cancer led her to begin this non-profit organization. In practice as a licensed clinical psychologist for over 30 years, Dr. Baumgarten earned her Ph.D. from California School of Professional Psychology.

Marna Brennan Marna BrennanSecretary – Marna Brennan joins us as the owner of a real estate company that is passionate about our cause. Her many years of business acumen in marketing has added a dimension to our vision to help bring The Center to a new level of awareness to the public. She has seen, first hand, how important the Center is to those in need of a helping hand to those with cancer, and their loved ones. Her vision is to reach out to those that are not aware that there is an amazing resource here, with our Center, that can be a guiding light to those in need.

Mergim ZeroMergim I. ZeroTreasurer CPA – Our most recently appointed Board Member, Mr. Zero, has been a practicing CPA for over 30 years. He has accumulated extensive experience in tax planning, administration and compliance with a primary focus on corporate, individual and fiduciary taxation. His acquired skill set has allowed him to function within the traditional roles of a CPA as well as those more demanding as in the arena of court appointed guardianship and trustee.

Russell Boschetti Russell BoschettiBoard Member – Russell Boschetti is a respected mortgage professional with an education and career background in accounting and corporate finance. Russell shares the passion of our team, to enable support services for those affected by cancer. He is committed to expanding the reach of The Center, by building effective fund raising strategies, increasing support, and fostering growth via community outreach.

Dixie Cole Dixie ColeBoard Member – Dixie Cole joins the Center as the owner of Newport Crest Realty, with her high energy and dedication in helping to make a difference in the lives of Cancer patients and their families. Dixie brings a strong history of volunteering and fundraising, helping to ensure the growth and stability of the Center far into the future. Dixie started Newport Crest Realty in 1986, Though located in Newport Beach Dixie services clients from Orange County from Los Angeles. Her vast career includes selling commercial and land sub-divisions as well as residential properties. In addition, Dixie assists many corporations with their relocation divisions such as: United Parcel, Fluor Engineering and The Four Seasons, placing their key executives throughout Orange County.

Martin PerezDr. Martin Perez Board Member – Dr. Perez is a USC-trained clinical psychologist, and for over 20 years has conducted National Cancer Institute-funded research and consulted at various cancer centers throughout Southern California. His clinical specialties include treating mood disorders arising from medical illness, treatment-related sexual dysfunction, and understanding the role culture plays in Latino patients’ quality of life. Currently, Dr. Perez is a consulting psychologist at the Cancer Center at Hoag Memorial Hospital and has a comprehensive psycho-oncology practice in Newport Beach, CA.

Carol Eddy Carol EddyClinician, MA, LMFT – is a compassionate Licensed Psychotherapist in Orange County since 1997. She has supported The Center since it opened. Her clinical specialty is committed to assisting Cancer Patients and their Caretakers improve their coping skills when their lives are affected by Cancer. Personally impacted by Cancer, she has been a primary caretaker for several of the closest people in her life. Carol feels honored to work so closely with others who are faced with cancer, to navigate and find their "new normal." In addition to her clinical practice she also has facilitated workshops and retreats as well as cancer support groups at several local Orange County hospitals. She has a private practice in Newport Beach and is also actively involved with several non-profit cancer organizations.

Linda Maerov Linda MaerovClinician, MSW, LCSW, MBA – is a Licensed Clinical Social Work therapist dedicated to supporting and advocating for individuals and families whose lives have been impacted by cancer. Since 2005, she has been developing cancer educational programs, facilitating cancer support groups and workshops, and providing counseling and support throughout all stages of cancer. She has worked at Dana Farber Cancer Institute and the Cancer Support Community in Boston, Gilda’s Club and the Cancer Advocacy Project in New York, and has worked as the Supervisor of Oncology Support Programs at Hoag Family Cancer Institute in Newport Beach. She presently has a private practice in Newport Beach and is an active volunteer and advocate with several cancer organizations locally and nationally.

Dr. George Orras Co-founder and Adviser – The co-founder of the Center for Cancer Counseling. His shared vision for helping cancer patients and their families led him to team with Dr. Baumgarten in the development of this non-profit organization. His expertise is in mental health program development and management. He earned his Ph.D. from the University of Southern California, his MBA from Pepperdine University.


Paul Reynolds – One of the original board members of the Center for Cancer Counseling. Paul's dedication and belief in the Center for Cancer Counseling's mission, of helping cancer patients and their families, has been a steady source of support and strength for the Center's growth. Paul is well known in the community and maintains an active business career.

Tim Torre CPA – As one of the original Board Members, Tim has been an important and vital member for the Center for Cancer Counseling's growth and stability. Tim is a well-respected and busy CPA maintaining a practice in Irvine CA.