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October 2012Losing Mom Book

Check out. Dr. Fran's New Book:

Losing Mom, a family’s journey of transition, hope and perseverance

This novel is a chronicle of Stella, from ages eight through twenty-one, and her four siblings as they deal with their mother’s illness and death from cancer, the developmental challenges of growing up without a mom, the discussion and insights they share as they grow older and better able to communicate and express their feelings, about their loss, and their mother’s final message to them.

Losing Mom is an excellent resource for relatives and friends who want to be of help but are unsure of what actually is helpful

Losing Mom is the perfect resource for teenagers and young adults who are looking to find some sense of normalcy after a devastating

Losing Mom provides medical and mental health providers an opportunity to enhance their appreciation of the journey these children are on.

Losing Mom is for sale at

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