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In 2000 a dream came true. The Center for Cancer Counseling was developed as a safe and comfortable place where all cancer patients and their families learn to cope with their feelings surrounding the  diagnosis, treatment and side effects of cancer. Working in partnership with you and your family, we provide exceptional, compassionate, professional and nurturing care, empowering you to deal with your emotions and take control of the things we can – our thoughts emotions and reactions. Our mission is to help cancer patients and their family members maintain a quality of life that is productive, fulfilling, rewarding, successful and happy.

How We Change Lives

The first step is always the hardest. That is what everyone says. The relief, even from one session at the Center, is always surprising, extremely satisfying and refreshing.

Fran’s Story

In 1993 I found myself dealing with a recurrence of the breast cancer I had originally treated in 1989. The difference this time was that it had metastasized.

The 6 Stages of Cancer

As soon as the doctor says, ”You have cancer,” our worlds are turned upside down. It feels like the wind has been knocked out of us and it is hard to breathe. The shock and fear are simply overwhelming. There are six stages of cancer. Understanding these stages and having the necessary tools to manage and get through them is essential for both cancer patients and their families.
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